"Tina, the Teeny Tiny Terrier is about just that. If you have a little terrier, or even a bull mastiff, you'll get the dogginess that is always irresistible to those of who know that dogs (and cats) are real people, often more than we are ourselves. You can find T the TTT to order on the web at:"

New York Social Diary
June 18, 2002

"Tina, The Teeny Tiny Terrier is a delightful children's tale about Leslie, who is looking for just the right dog for herself at the pound. She finds the smallest dog they have there, calls her Tina, buys all kinds of pet supplies and brings Tina back to her 5th floor apartment. Then we follow Leslie and Tina as they explore New York from the subway to Central Park. Filled with colorful illustrations."

Book Dealers World
Fall, 2002

Readers' Reviews:

"Every dog lover will love this book! My daughter loves this story and the character of Tina! The verses trip along easily which made it a pleasure to read aloud to her. And the illustrations, not only of Tina the Terrier but of New York City and of the hip Leslie, are marvelous. I especially loved it because it's about the special relationship between human and pet."

Patty Smith, New York, NY
October 12, 2002

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